Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{DIY} Calendar

The term busy bee has never been more appropriate! I recently got hired as an account executive for a new company, Sweet Deals. It's a site where women: brides, moms, and girls who just want to have fun can find amazing steals on products and services. Check it out and sign up for the email list. We are launching soon!!
Up until this point I've been able to get away with my phone's calendar. BUT, for some reason, it just hasn't been cutting it lately. BTW...not a fan of my Droid. I'm an iPhone girl, but ditched it for the "family plan".  As soon as TMobile gets the iPhone...I'm switching back. Oh happy day! Anywhooo....there's something about a good old fashioned paper calendar. When I can cross things off with a "fun" pen (not exactly sure what that means), I feel extra accomplished and organized.
I've been looking for a nice little calendar (midway through a year, go figure) but just couldn't find one I liked. Or...I would find a layout I liked...but it had a neon unicorn on the cover. What?? SO, I decided to make my own. I found this FREE printable calendar from The TomKat Studio that was simple and fun. And instead of a neon unicorn, I designed my own cover....drum roll please:
Oh yes, I did.

I can add pages in between the months for contact lists, to-do-lists and more pictures of my son looking awesome. I'll prob bind it with ribbon to give my desk area a little pop of fun. Printed everything on cardstock to make it a tad more...legit

*If you wanted to use these calendars one month at a time, for your kitchen perhaps...you could frame the month and then use a fine tipped dry erase marker to make your entries. 

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