Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Photography} Papa Stanks!

Yes, that's right....Papa Stanks!!
     That's what my client (the sweet girl in the photo above) taught me! She performs in beauty pageants all over Georgia and has quite a lot of experience in the smiling department. As a trick to keep her smile from looking fake and forced...her mom would have her say, during her photo shoots...Papa Stinks (which in her adorable southern accent sounds like...PAPA STANKS!). Poor Papa!! 
     Low and behold, I got some of the best smiles ever outta this cutie! So, if you are taking family pics or have a client that's a little on the shy end....give this a try! It'll make them laugh and're bound to get a great shot! For more tips on how to get some great smiles, check out this blog from I Heart Faces!

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