Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dollar Tree Funkins!

You live, you learn. You craft, you cry. Am I the only person out there who feels there's a spell on me that prevents me from reaching my full crafting potential?? My Dollar Tree pumpkin revamp turned out ok...but if you could only see how they first started out (, more like YIKES!!!)...then the final product should be considered Martha Stewart approved.  I didn't get pics of the first go around...*not on purpose I promise! There's no shame in the game!! These are some of the materials I started with for the first attempt...

My first attempt at the fabric pumpkin included 1 inch wide and 6 inch long pieces of linen-esque fabric that ended up making the pumpkin look like a mummy!! At least I was keeping it the Halloween family!! I was trying to follow the directions at The 36th Avenue. This is one of my FAV blogs to follow. They did a fantastic job on their Mod Podge fabric pumpkins. I'm known for not following directions, my version turned out quite different than theirs. I decided to not give up (even though I may or may not have thrown a mini temper tantrum).

My ammunition:

-Mod Podge
-sponge brush
-square and rectangle shaped fabric pieces from my discard pile
-thumbtacks (I'll explain later)
-acrylic paint
-Dollar Tree pumpkins (1-"carvable" and 2-small pumpkins)
-pinking shears

Since the initial method was not jiving with my mojo...I decided to make a quilt-like pattern fabric pumpkin rather than small strips wrapping the pumpkin. I had fun picking out the pieces of fabric and placing them like little puzzle pieces. I placed Mod Podge on the pumpkin as I placed the pieces of fabric on top (not all at once).  Once a piece of fabric was placed I also applied Mod Podge on top of the fabric. After the entire pumpin was covered with Mod Podge and dried, I painted the stem brown to match the color scheme better. Still wondering about those thumbtacks??

I painted the two smaller pumpkins with an ivory hued acrylic paint...they dried beautifully. I def plan on playing with acrylic paint more in the future. My fav washes off your hands so easily! Ha! I wasn't a fan of the squiggly stems that came with the smaller pumpkins. A little too Tim Burton for, I had the idea of using thumbtacks in their place. I simply painted the thumbtacks brown to match the stem of the fabric pumpkin. I haven't decided where these cuties are going but I wanted to share my funkins with y'all!!

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  1. CUTE!! Love these. I made some last week. So much more fun than carving real ones. A lot less messy ;-)