Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My husband went to Georgia. I went to Florida. Yeaaaa...I know. I know. We have managed to keep calm and cheer on...that is until our son arrived this past February. It's been a mini battle to see how much orange/blue or red/black we can dress him in. So, when figuring out our pumpkin decorating theme for this year...I divided=PUMPKIN DIVIDED!

Jake painted his UGA pumpkin--very proud of his skillz, BTW! I painted my UF pumpkin and then we fused our alma maters' colors together and painted Jackson's pumpkin. I've never done a no-carve pumpkin before and actually realllly loved it! Especially with a little one around, I'm thinking this may be our new tradition. Ohhhhh the possibilities!!

We may have divided pumpkins and houses....but this blog is alllllll mine! With that said...GO GATORS!!

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